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  1. when saving a user profile, the password shouldn’t be required to be filled in. should only do confirm/attempt save if something is present in the field (otherwise ignore it)
  2. when you attempt to log in with invalid credentials, an error message saying as much should display.


  1. add a new topic link/button also should be available on topic list after a topic is added
  2. admin should have ability to delete a user (when a user is deleted by an admin, ask if their topics should be kept)
  3. user should be able to delete themselves (keep their topics)
  4. change to db sessions (the newish cookie-based is better)
  5. when creating a topic, remember who created the topic
  6. currently…to try to keep topics from being dupes, a number of things happen (all lower case, loses spaces, cuts off the ‘s’). I would like to see it let me enter what I want in the Topic field and maintain case and spaces, and then do something [what? :)] in the background to try to ward off dupes
  7. I forgot my password, is there a way to reset it / be reminded?

Blue Sky:

  1. indicate meeting date(s)
  2. schedule a topic for a meeting date