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SAM build for Node.js and .NET Core Debugging goodness!

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@jfuss jfuss released this 12 Dec 22:06
· 1481 commits to master since this release

What's new?

You can now use the sam build command to compile deployment packages for AWS Lambda functions written in supported Node.js runtimes. Huge shout-out to @gojko for this contribution!

You can now debug Lambda functions written in .NET Core using Visual Studio Code. To get started, check out the documentation: Debugging .NET Core functions. Huge shout-out to @ndobryanskyy for this contribution!


docs: Update Slack invite link (#781)
fix: Create Layer Cache during building image (#823)
docs: list Ruby2.5, Python3.7 and Provided as supported runtime (#822)
fix: Making hello world java sample more idiomatic (#802)
fix: Update to .NET Core init template (#705)
fix: Stop html encoding of options for generate-event (#824)
docs: Issue templates for bug and feature requests (#726)
fix: Fix Makefile typo (#829)
Feature: .NET Core 2.0/2.1 debugging support (#825)
refactor: Move checking Docker connectivity to ContainerManager (#828)
fix: Update functional tests to work (#841)
Feature: Support building Node.js functions (#845)