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Hex-Rays Decompiler Enhanced View (HRDEV)

What is this

This is an IDA Pro Python plugin to make Hex-Rays Decompiler output bit more attractive. HRDEV plugin retrieves standard decompiler output, parses it with Python Clang bindings and puts back.

Requirements & installation

The only requirement is Clang Python binding. See https://pypi.python.org/pypi/clang. Clang binding is required to parse decompiler output and produce plugin output.

First install Clang Python binding if you don't have it, then just paste plugin into "plugins/" IDA folder and plugin will be available on startup.

Note: please make sure that you have matching LLVM Python bindings and LLVM version installed (http://releases.llvm.org/download.html). Otherwise you may get errors due to incompatibility. This is not an HRDEV issue.

Note: only IDA version higher than 6.6 is supported. If I get requests to support earlier versions I will port HRDEV. See http://www.hexblog.com/?p=886.

How it works

Load plugin, then press "Alt + F5" and listing will appear. Currently this is an alternative only to a standard "F5" (function decompilation), listing for complete files is currently not supported.

You can put plugin into "plugins/" directory or load it via Alt+F7. If you put it into "plugins/" folder, then place hrdev.py and hrdev_plugin at the same level and exactly under "plugins/".


HRDEV plugin has other key shortcuts:

  • Ctr+S - will save current document
  • Ctr+F - will pop up find-replace modal dialog

HRDEV plugin comes with several themes for syntax highlighting, however, you can edit them or add own. To add your own, simply paste file with certain theme name to folder "data/themes" and edit your file. The name of the file is the name of the theme.

For various editor options please take a look at "data/config.ini" and configuration files in "data/themes/*.ini". Files contain comments, so it should not be difficult to understand how to configure editor.

You can toggle line highlight on-off by clicking twice on line number bar.

Other things to know

Plugin may print that there were some Clang parsing errors, but normally that is not of a big concern, usually you can ignore them.

Plugin saves all decompiled files to the "hrdev_cache/MODULE_NAME/*" temporary folder. It is done so you can save changes made to file. Next time when Alt+F5, is pressed, plugin will lookup for file in cache. If you want to discard changes made, simply delete file in "hrdev_cache/MODULE_NAME/*" folder or disable file caching at all by configuring settings: "disable_cache=True".

This is still beta-release, so I am pretty sure you will find some bugs. Don't hesitate to report them.

Plugin was tested on Windows only, however, I believe that there should be no problems on other platforms.

Parsing huge file may take a while.


This is how usually output looks like:

Decompiler outut

This is how output looks by plugin:

Enhanced View

TODOs and bugs