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A CommonJS fork of Bartek Drozdz VirtualScroll utility
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Custom scroll event with inertia/momentum, touch (works on <=iOS7) and keyboard compatible. This is a fork of Bartek Drozdz VirtualScroll util. See his article for a complete description.

Goals of the fork

  • Easier to add in a CommonJS / require environment
  • Enable to create several distinct instances by using a prototype rather than a singleton
  • Add some extra features
  • modules (using a dedicated Emitter for instance)


npm i virtual-scroll -S

Usage & API

For in-depth usage and tutorial, you can check Bartek's article (link above).

  • new VirtualScroll(options) Return a new instance of VirtualScroll. See the options below.

  • instance.on(fn, context) Listen to the scroll event using the specified function (fn) and optional context.

  •, context) Remove the listener.

  • instance.destroy() Will remove all events and unbind the DOM listeners.

Events note: Each instance will listen only once to any DOM listener. These listener are enabled/disabled automatically. However, it's a good practice to always call destroy() on your VirtualScroll instance, especially if you are working with a SPA.


  • el: the target element for mobile touch events. Defaults to window.
  • mouseMultiplier: General multiplier for all mousewheel (including Firefox). Default to 1.
  • touchMultiplier: Mutiply the touch action by this modifier to make scroll faster than finger movement. Defaults to 2.
  • firefoxMultiplier: Firefox on Windows needs a boost, since scrolling is very slow. Defaults to 15.
  • keyStep: How many pixels to move with each key press. Defaults to 120.
  • preventTouch: If true, automatically call e.preventDefault on touchMove. Defaults to false.
  • unpreventTouchClass: Elements with this class won't preventDefault on touchMove. For instance, useful for a scrolling text inside a VirtualScroll-controled element. Defaults to vs-touchmove-allowed.
  • limitInertia: if true, will leverage Lethargy to avoid everlasting scroll events (mostly on Apple Mouse, Trackpad, and free-wheel mouse). Defaults to false.
  • passive: if used, will use passive events declaration for the wheel and touch listeners. Can be true or false. Defaults to undefined.
  • useKeyboard: if true, allows to use arrows to navigate, and space to jump from one screen. Defaults to true
  • useTouch: if true, uses touch events to simulate scrolling. Defaults to true



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