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πŸ›€ Detection of elements in viewport & smooth scrolling with parallax.
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Locomotive Scroll

Detection of elements in viewport & smooth scrolling with parallax effects.


npm install locomotive-scroll


import LocomotiveScroll from 'locomotive-scroll';

const scroll = new LocomotiveScroll();
<h1 data-scroll>Hello</h1>
<p data-scroll>Text</p>

With smooth scrolling

import LocomotiveScroll from 'locomotive-scroll';

const scroll = new LocomotiveScroll({
    el: document.querySelector('#js-scroll'),
    smooth: true
<h1 data-scroll data-scroll-speed="1">Hello</h1>
<p data-scroll data-scroll-speed="2">Text</p>

With methods

import LocomotiveScroll from 'locomotive-scroll';

const scroll = new LocomotiveScroll();
const target = document.querySelector('#js-target');


With events

import LocomotiveScroll from 'locomotive-scroll';

const scroll = new LocomotiveScroll();

scroll.on('call', (func) => {
    // Using modularJS;
    // Using jQuery events
    // Or do it your own way 😎
<!-- Using modularJS -->
<div data-scroll data-scroll-call="function, module">Trigger</div>
<!-- Using jQuery events -->
<div data-scroll data-scroll-call="EVENT_NAME">Trigger</div>
<!-- Or do it your own way 😎 -->
<div data-scroll data-scroll-call="{y,o,l,o}">Trigger</div>

Instance options

Option Type Default Description
el object document Scroll container element.
name string 'scroll' Data attribute prefix (data-scroll-xxxx).
offset array 0 In-view trigger offset.
repeat boolean false Repeat in-view detection.
smooth boolean false Smooth scrolling.
smoothMobile boolean false Smooth scrolling on iOS and Android devices.
direction string vertical Scroll direction.
inertia number 1 Lerp intensity.
getDirection boolean false Add direction to scroll event.
getSpeed boolean false Add speed to scroll event.
class string is-inview Element in-view class.
initClass string has-scroll-init Initialize class.
scrollingClass string has-scroll-scrolling Is scrolling class.
draggingClass string has-scroll-dragging Is dragging class.
smoothClass string has-scroll-smooth Has smooth scrolling class.
scrollbarClass string c-scrollbar Scrollbar element class.

Element attributes

Attribute Values Description
data-scroll Detect if in-view.
data-scroll-section Defines a scrollable section. Splitting your page into sections may improve performance.
data-scroll-class string Element in-view class.
data-scroll-offset string Element in-view trigger offset (ex.: "10", "100,50%", "25%, 15%").
data-scroll-repeat true, false Element in-view detection repeat.
data-scroll-call string Element in-view trigger call event.
data-scroll-speed number Element parallax speed. A negative value will reverse the direction.
data-scroll-target string Target element's in-view position.
data-scroll-position top, bottom Window position of in-view trigger.
data-scroll-direction vertical, horizontal Element's parallax direction.
data-scroll-delay number Element's parallax lerp delay.
data-scroll-sticky Sticky element. Starts and stops at data-scroll-target position.

Instance methods

Method Description Arguments
init() Reinitializes the scroll.
on(eventName, function) Listen instance events ⬇.
update() Updates all element positions.
destroy() Destroys the scroll events.
start() Restarts the scroll events.
stop() Stops the scroll events.
scrollTo(target, offset) Scroll to an element. target: dom object, selector string, top or bottom offset: number

Instance events

Event Arguments Description
scroll obj Returns scroll instance (position, limit, speed, direction).
call func Trigger if in-view. Returns your string or array if contains ,.


Name Description
Virtual Scroll Custom scroll event with inertia/momentum.
modularScroll Elements in viewport detection. Forked from it, not a dependency.
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