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SampleCat is a a program for cataloguing and auditioning audio samples.
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SampleCat is a program for cataloguing and auditioning audio samples.

SampleCat is available under the GNU General Public License and runs mainly on GNU/Linux systems. It is written in C and uses the GTK graphics library. MySql and Sqlite can be used for the database.

Currently, most basic functionality is in place and working.


If you are not a developer it is recommended to use the latest tarball. Building should be entirely standard.

If you are a developer you will want to use the git repository directly. The only difficulty is the use of git submodules which are unfortunately not transparent. After cloning the repository, you will have to manually get the submodule:

    git submodule init
    git submodule update

If you subsequently need to update the submodules as part of a git pull:

    git submodule foreach git pull origin master
    make clean


  • import files or directories using drag and drop.
  • if a file is currently mounted, an icon will be shown in the main table. Select Update on the context menu to refresh its status.
  • set tags by 1) selecting Edit Tags on the context menu, 2) double clicking the tag area, 3) enter text in the Edit box at the top of the window and hit the "Set Category" button.
  • to move a file in the filesystem, drag it from the main list to a directory in the directory tree on the left.
  • to rename a file in the filesystem, select it, then click on the name.
  • auditioning is started by clicking in the waveform view. Jack ports are not created until auditioning is started for the first time.
  • import files into your audio editor using dragndrop.
  • apply colour coding by dragging from the colour bar. Right click on the colour bar to change the colour palette.
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