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forked from openSUSE/open-build-service

The Open Build Service (OBS) is an open and complete software distribution development platform. It provides the infrastructure to create software packages for a wide range of operating systems and hardware architectures as well as add-ons, appliance images or entire linux distributions.

Updated Apr 27, 2016

Perl 0 0


A obs source service to update the release tag in spec files

Updated Apr 19, 2016

Perl 3 3


Repository with tools/modules/stuff for the open build service

Updated Jan 28, 2016


forked from openSUSE/kiwi

KIWI OS Image builder

Updated Nov 28, 2015


forked from openSUSE/obs-build

OBS build script, can be used with OBS or stand alone

Updated Nov 27, 2015


forked from docker/machine

Machine management for a container-centric world

Updated Nov 26, 2015


forked from openSUSE/libzypp

ZYpp Package Management library

Updated Nov 17, 2015

Python 0 1


Scripts and helper revolving around Spacewalk/SUSE Manager/Satellite

Updated Nov 5, 2015


forked from chef/bento

Packer definitions for building minimal Vagrant baseboxes

Updated Oct 10, 2015

Python 0 15


forked from mumble-voip/mumble-scripts

Mumble scripts is a place for gathering various scripts written for the Mumble VoIP application.

Updated Sep 2, 2015

Python 0 83


forked from openSUSE/osc

The Command Line Interface to work with an openSUSE Build Service

Updated Jul 29, 2015


forked from TelekomCloud/puppetlabs-ntp

Puppet module to manage the NTP service

Updated Jul 24, 2015

Ruby 1 0


Simple puppet module for managing x2go client/server

Updated Jul 24, 2015


forked from arioch/puppet-icinga

Updated Jun 29, 2015

Puppet 0 28


forked from saz/puppet-ntp

Manage NTP client and server via puppet on Debian-, RedHat- and SUSE-based distributions

Updated Jun 29, 2015

Puppet 0 160


forked from saz/puppet-sudo

Install sudo through puppet on Debian-, RedHat- and SUSE-based distributions

Updated Jun 6, 2015

forked from theforeman/

The new and improved Foreman website.

Updated Jun 2, 2015


forked from theforeman/foreman

an application that automates the lifecycle of servers

Updated May 26, 2015


forked from theforeman/community-templates

A place to share templates for various OSes for Foreman's provisioning

Updated May 20, 2015

Puppet 0 18


forked from jorhett/puppet-mcollective

A puppet module to implement MCollective. This is the module used in the O'Reilly book "Learning MCollective"

Updated May 4, 2015

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