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Getting Started






Getting Started

A fully modular bot for Discord built on top of Discord4J which can be found here

Features include:

  • Fully configurable, Lightweight server
  • Plugin system (configuration, persistence, middleware, web-views) (🚧)
  • Variable parser (using ${var} in response messages)
  • Persistent data for plugins (🚧)
  • Web client (🚧)
  • Automatic updates (for minor and patch updates)
  • Announcement System (Notify users through discord)
  • Fully featured help system
NOTE: The emoji "🚧" means that the current features are under heavy development and are experimental



  • Java 11
  • Discord bot token (Unsure? Follow this guide)
  • Ensure your bot is on your server

Steps to install Babblebot-Server:

  • Download the latest release from: Releases
  • Extract the archive anywhere on your machine
  • Open up the bin folder if you are on Windows run ./Babblebot.bat; Linux run ./Babblebot
  • On your first run a folder called config will be created please add your Discord bot token to config/config.json
  • Run the application again, then your bot should be online (Any issues? please create a discussion here)


Please look at this configuration guide here


Manual Updating

Steps to update manually:

  • Download the latest release from: Releases
  • Extract the archive anywhere on your machine
  • Replace the lib folder and replace Babblebot and Babblebot.bat
NOTE: if you don't care about keeping the same folder you can copy over the folders `config` and `plugins` and your database file if you have one

Automatic Updates

Babblebot has a system in place to automatically update itself when a new release is made to turn this off under the config there is system.autoUpdate change this to false

The system will only update when there is a minor or patch update which would be only Y and Z in this example X.Y.Z

NOTE: you can update to a major version by using --updateMajor when running babblebot it is not recommended as plugins may not support this version use with caution


Plugins are what give power to Babblebot. Without them Babblebot will be a strong server for just 3 commands

Plugins Offer:

  • More Commands
  • Middleware for the command dispatcher
  • More variables (🚧)

Officially Supported Plugins

Name Description Link Server Versions supported Namespace
audiodj Play audio in a voice server from various sources Link 2.x.x, 3.x.x Configurable (Default: None)

Community Plugins

Name Description Link Namespace

If you wish to have your plugin displayed here please create a discussion here

Installing Plugins

Steps to install a plugin:

  • Locate and download the latest version of a plugin it should be a .jar file
  • If not already created, create a plugins folder inside the bin folder
  • Create a new folder for your plugin it needs to be the same name as the .jar file
  • Place your jar file inside that folder
  • Open up your config/config.json file and add inside
      // Old
      "plugins": []
      // New
      "plugins": [{ "pluginLocation": "<!-- use folder name you used earlier -->" }]
    For additional plugins add a , between objects e.g.
      // Old
      "plugins": [{ "pluginLocation": "plg1" }]
      // New
      "plugins": [{ "pluginLocation": "plg1" }, { "pluginLocation": "plg2" }]
  • Save & Restart your server

Write your own plugin

If you wish to write your own plugin please follow this guide here


Babblebot has a core plugin which by is installed by default it cannot be disabled it has 3 commands that every server will have:

Command (aliases) Description Parameters Since
help Display all the commands registered to the server -(cmd?)=* (Command to have help with) 1.0.0
ignore Ignore a text channel on your discord server N/A 1.0.0
listen Listen to a text channel on your discord server N/A 1.0.0
register-announcement-channel, register-ac Register text channel as your announcements channel N/A 2.0.0
remove-announcement-channel, remove-ac Remove text channel as your announcements channel N/A 2.0.0
restart Restart your server from discord -(password*)=* (Password to stop unwanted restarts) 2.1.0


Firstly, Thank you for taking the time to contribute to Babblebot if you wish to contribute please read the contributing guide here


  • Ben Davies - Lead Developer - Github

Currently, there is only me working on Babblebot, but it's always open for new ideas and contributions!

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT Licence - see the file for details