A JVM-based REST/WS wrapper for the official Discord Bot API


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Java interface for the official Discord API, written in Java 8. The API is also available in a few other languages.

For the latest dev builds, use Jitpack.

Adding Discord4J as a dependency for a project

Given that @VERSION@ = the version of Discord4J.

With Maven

In your pom.xml add:


    <groupId>com.discord4j</groupId> <!-- However our packages are all under sx.blah in version 2.x! -->

With Gradle

In your build.gradle add:

repositories {

dependencies {
  compile "com.discord4j:Discord4J:@VERSION@"

With SBT

In your build.sbt add:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.discord4j" % "Discord4J" % "@VERSION@"

resolvers += "jcenter" at "http://jcenter.bintray.com"

Manually with the shaded jar

If you don't use Maven nor Gradle (which you really should, because it's a lot more flexible and allows you to update easily), you can always grab the shaded jar file (which has all the D4J dependencies inside), and link it in your IntelliJ or Eclipse project.


Module Settings > Dependencies > click the + > JARs or directories > Select your JAR file


Project Properties > Java Build Path > Add the jar file

So, how do I use this?


Starting with the API

The very first thing you need to do is obtain an IDiscordClient object. This can be done by using the ClientBuilder. Example:

public class Example {

    public static IDiscordClient createClient(String token, boolean login) { // Returns a new instance of the Discord client
        ClientBuilder clientBuilder = new ClientBuilder(); // Creates the ClientBuilder instance
        clientBuilder.withToken(token); // Adds the login info to the builder
        try {
            if (login) {
                return clientBuilder.login(); // Creates the client instance and logs the client in
            } else {
                return clientBuilder.build(); // Creates the client instance but it doesn't log the client in yet, you would have to call client.login() yourself
        } catch (DiscordException e) { // This is thrown if there was a problem building the client
            return null;


The Discord4J library is very event driven. Your bot can detect these events through the use of an event listener. There are two ways of creating an event listener:

  1. Using IListener:
public class InterfaceListener implements IListener<ReadyEvent> { // The event type in IListener<> can be any class which extends Event
    public void handle(ReadyEvent event) { // This is called when the ReadyEvent is dispatched
  1. Using the @EventSubscriber annotation:
public class AnnotationListener {
    public void onReadyEvent(ReadyEvent event) { // This method is called when the ReadyEvent is dispatched
        foo(); // Will be called!
    public void onMessageReceivedEvent(MessageReceivedEvent event) { // This method is NOT called because it doesn't have the @EventSubscriber annotation
        bar(); // Never called!


Registering your listener:

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        IDiscordClient client = Example.createClient(args[0], true); // Gets the client object (from the first example)
        EventDispatcher dispatcher = client.getDispatcher(); // Gets the EventDispatcher instance for this client instance
        dispatcher.registerListener(new InterfaceListener()); // Registers the IListener example class from above
        dispatcher.registerListener(new AnnotationListener()); // Registers the @EventSubscriber example class from above



Discord4J has an API for creating modular Discord Bots! See Martacus's sample repo for an example as to how it works.

More examples

See the example bot.

Deprecation policy

Due to the nature of the Discord API, any deprecations found in the API should not be expected to last past the current version. Meaning that if a method is deprecated on version 2.1.0, do not assume the method will be available in version 2.2.0.


The Discord API is still in development. Functions may break at any time.
In such an event, please contact me or submit a pull request.

Pull requests

No one is perfect at programming and I am no exception. If you see something that can be improved, please read the contributing guildelines and feel free to submit a pull request!

Other info

More information can be found in the official javadocs. Alternatively you can view the docs through Dash, Velocity, or Zeal (maintained by @jammehcow) under the User Contributed tab.

You can contact me on the Official Discord4J Server (recommended) or the Discord API server in the #java_discord4j channel.