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These example files demonstrate basic Kohana 3 functionality, including:

  • Base template controller
  • Form usage & validation
  • Email using SwiftMailer
  • Messages
  • ORM & models
  • Validation in the model
  • Authentication (signin, signup, change profile, lost password)
  • OAuth (twitter)
  • OpenID (using PHP OpenID)
  • Pagination
  • Base module, admin module
  • Media compression & caching (using the Media module)

Purpose of these files:

  • So I can learn KO3
  • So others can learn KO3
  • As a reference

I don't suggest using these files as a boilerplate project.

Have a look around the repository to see the example code. Feel free to copy. I cannot offer support.


Some of the code has been collated from the resources listed in the DOCS. I've referenced these projects in the example files.

Please note


  • If you really want to get the project running, view the wiki page for installation instructions.


Suggestions welcome, send emails to willis.rh@gmail.com