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An efficient front-end application framework based on vue.js
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A front-end application framework based on Vue, easy to handle, is suitable for teams lacking front-end engineers, it can be be used in the field of operation and maintenance monitoring, data analysis and common background management system, etc.


  • Easy to use, provide a variety of commonly used components, and quickly start front-end development.
  • Navigation bar, page layout support JSON configuration.
  • Templates can be easily reused to improve the efficiency of development.
  • Provide the operation and maintenance dashboard feature, especially for the monitoring data analysis
  • Provide the scaffold command line tool to init the project, mockup the API data, start the devserver, update the system and so on.


Quick Start

NoahV rely on Nodejs 6.0+, please check Node.js v6.0+ already installed on your system before run following commands.

1.Install command line tools

# Install noahv-cli
$ npm install noahv-cli -g

# Look for help
$ noahv --help

2.Init project

# Create an empty folder & run init
$ mkdir project && cd project && noahv init

3.Run project

# Run noahv start in the project root directory
$ noahv start 

4.Reuse template

# Run noahv create in the project root directory
$ noahv create

# Choose page type According to the hint,support form,list,filterlist,chart at present



Apache License 2.0

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