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Hi there, Unfortunately Glimmer Native development has ceased. There were memory issues as well as issues with lists that I was unable to overcome. I would recommend not using this for any projects as of now. If anyone from the core team wants to help out directly, I am still interested in this

Have you ever wanted to use Ember/Glimmer to create a native mobile app? Well now you can! Keep in mind Glimmer Native is currently in an ALPHA state. Use in production at your own risk

Places this borrows code/concepts from: Svelte, Vue, Glimmer Embedding Tutorial, Nativescript Demo

How to create your first Glimmer-Native project

  1. Follow the NativeScript Setup Guides
  2. Run ember new hello-glimmer-native -b glimmer-native-blueprint in the command line
  3. Run tns run ios --bundle (or to debug tns debug ios --bundle --debug-brk)

How to use Glimmer-Native

There is a default set of Glimmer Components available to you that render native elements

Event handling

There is a built in action helper, along with a built in on modifier to allow for event handling


There is a LinkTo component provided that allows for navigation. You pass a target to it which tells GlimmerNative what component to render and navigate to. <LinkTo @target="Dashboard" @text="Dashboard" @model={{this.model}} /> would create a component that listens for a click. Once clicked, Glimmer Native would look up the Dashboard Glimmer component, render it, and then navigate to it.

You MUST have the top level element be a Page component in order to navigate to it (so in the Dashboard component, the first element must be Page)


<Page class="page">
    <ActionBar class="action-bar">
        <Label text={{this.title}} class="action-label" />
        <TabViewItem title="ToDo">
                <StackLayout class="tasks">
                    {{#each tasks key="@index" |task|}}
                        <Task @task={{task}} />
        <TabViewItem title="Calendar">
                {{on "tap" (action buttonClick)}} />
            <Label text="Coming soon" />

and the component ts file:

import Component from '@glimmer/component';
import { tracked } from '@glimmer/tracking';

export default class Task extends Component {
    public title = 'Welcome to glimmer';

    public buttonText = 'Click Me!';

    public buttonClick() {
        this.title = 'Tracked yo';

Known Issues

  1. Need demo app
  2. Need tests
  3. Need documentation site

Thanks to the following people for their help/guidance

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