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Error Codes

  • 20100: Connection to the Access Point succeeded, but connection to the Wi-Fi Connection servers couldn't be established. Either you forgot to set the DNS and are trying to connect to the now-defunct official servers, or the custom server is currently down for maintenance. May also be a result of not properly patching your game to remove the SSL checks.
  • 23302: You're connected on a browser-login based Wifi, but the Wifi redirected you because you need to re-sign back into the Wifi (this usally refers to Hotel/Airport Wifi). Resign back into the Wifi and reconnect, error code should go away.
  • 23400: Apache Security is not allowing Whitespace. To server admins: Add this to your apache2.conf file - HttpProtocolOptions Unsafe
  • 23403: This only occurs if you have multiple Nginx Server Blocks with one of them having a SSL cert and the SSL cert is blocking the naswii connection.
  • 23404: Internal server error - To server admins: This usually means that Apache's virtual hosts aren't found on the server (or if is using port 80 when Apache is also using it) - naswii is returning HTTP 404
  • 23500: Internal server error - To server admins: This might mean you haven't enabled Apache's proxy modules. On Ubuntu, try running sudo a2enmod proxy*
  • 23502: Game server offline but reachable outside of game (i.e web server is up)
  • 23800: Game not supported on your desired server. Some servers restrict what games are allowed. You must contact the server owner to determine what games are officially supported. You may also consult the List of Servers page.
  • 23888: Console registered successfuly - awaiting activation. Some servers may have this feature enabled as a defence mechanism to thwart abusive users from circumventing bans. It may take 24 hours or longer for your console to activate. This is a MANUAL activation process, and is not automatic.
  • 23913: User ID creation denied for banned user
  • 23914: Banned - Access to the server is denied. Your console is banned
  • 23915: Banned - Too many changes to console identifiers. You may only use ONE (1) MAC address per Wii console. ** This is a VaronFi specific error code and is not present on any other server **
  • 23917 - Banned - Access to the server is denied for all related consoles and profiles.
  • 23921 - Login denied - Console is not known ** This error should never appear **
  • 51300-51399: The console is unable to connect to the access point. Double-check the settings and try again.
  • 52100-52103: The console can't contact the server. It could be a problem with your internet or the server could be temporarily offline.
  • 52200-52203: This error seems to appear when attempting to connect to the server multiple times without properly disconnecting first. Reboot your console and try again.
  • 60000: Error relating to your user profile. Most likely, you're trying to connect to the custom server using save data that still has your Friend Code from the official server stored in it. On the DS, you should be able to fix this by deleting your NWFC Configuration as described here, on the Wii you either have to delete your save file for the game you're trying to connect with or manually remove friend code information by editing your save file. This may improve in the future.
  • 61010: Game Unsupported. This usually means that the game the user is trying to play isn't whitelisted on your server.
  • 61020: Profile Server unreachable. Probably not a problem on your end.
  • 61070: Profile Server unreachable
  • 84020: QR Server unreachable. Probably not a problem on your end.
  • 85030: You were suddenly disconnected from your accesspoint. Check if your router is still online and reachable.
  • 86420: A direct connection was attempted with another player but the connection failed. Possible reasons could be firewall, ports or latency.
  • 91010: The server has been shut down or restarted for maintenance. This error can also mean you were kicked from the server
  • 94020: To server admins running Nginx: There is a bad config regarding URL redirects. Fix the URL redirects or delete them.
  • 95020: Server hiccuped when trying to connect you to a WW. Reconnect and try again. To Admins: If this remains a problem for your users, it's time to reboot the server.
  • 98020: The gamestats server is not implemented. If you have well-documented packet captures from the official WFC, you should file an issue with them and perhaps a volunteer programmer can implement it. For the time being, the game is unsupported.

Port Forwarding

The following ports are required for the server to connect to the servers or to make your own server reachable from the outside. Please remember to also open the following ports on your Computer's Firewall.
Allow traffic to all destinations on ports: 53, 80, 443, 8000, 9000, 9002, 9003, 9998, 27500, 27900, 27901, 28910, 29900, 29901, and 29920. Additionally open ports 9001 for internal stats page and 9009 for admin page for viewing list of registered consoles/profiles and for banning users.
Allow all traffic to all destinations (all ports 2 thru 65535). (Necessary for peer-to-peer connections and game play).

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