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Lightweight Python wrapper for MPlayer

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README.txt Lightweight and dynamic MPlayer wrapper with a Pythonic API provides several classes for easily using MPlayer in Python.

* Features

  - Pythonic interfaces to MPlayer
  - Full support for MPlayer commands and properties (generated at runtime)
  - asyncore, PyGTK, and PyQt integration
  - MS Windows support
  - Python 3 compatibility

* Requirements

    - MPlayer >= 1.0rc3
    - Python >= 2.6


    - PyGTK >= 2.12
    - PyQt >= 4.5

* Installation

    To install (having made sure that the dependencies are installed and
    working) do (as root normally):

        python install

    (You can optionally provide a prefix using the following form,
    but if you do remember to setup PYTHONPATH accordingly)

        python install [--prefix=<prefix>]

* Documentation

    Consult the wiki pages at

* Copyright and Licensing

    The package and submodules (mplayer/*.py) are released under
    the terms of LGPL 3. See LICENSE for the full license. is Copyright (C) 2007-2011  Darwin M. Bautista.

    The LGPL is Copyright (C) Free Software Foundation.

* Contact Info

    Project Page:
    URL and download:

    Author and Maintainer: Darwin M. Bautista <>
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