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Bazel Buildfarm

This repository hosts the Bazel remote caching and execution system.

This project is just getting started; background information on the status of caching and remote execution in bazel can be found in the bazel documentation.

Read the meeting notes. Get involved by joining the discussion on the dedicated mailing list.


In general do not execute server binaries with bazel run, since bazel does not support running multiple targets.

All commandline options override corresponding config settings.

Bazel BuildFarmServer

Run via

bazel build //src/main/java/build/buildfarm:buildfarm-server && \
bazel-bin/src/main/java/build/buildfarm/buildfarm-server <configfile> [-p PORT] [--port PORT]

Bazel BuildFarmWorker

Run via

bazel build //src/main/java/build/buildfarm:buildfarm-worker && \
bazel-bin/src/main/java/build/buildfarm/buildfarm-worker <configfile> [--root ROOT] [--cas_cache_directory CAS_CACHE_DIRECTORY]
  • configfile has to be in (undocumented) Protocol Buffer text format.

    For an example, see the examples directory. For format details see here. Protocol Buffer structure at src/main/protobuf/build/buildfarm/v1test/buildfarm.proto

  • ROOT base directory path for all work being performed.

  • CAS_CACHE_DIRECTORY is (absolute or relative) directory path to cached files from CAS.

Bazel Itself

To have bazel use the bazel buildfarm configured using the example configs provided in the examples directory, you could configure your .bazelrc as follows:

$ cat .bazelrc
build --spawn_strategy=remote --genrule_strategy=remote --strategy=Javac=remote --strategy=Closure=remote --remote_executor=localhost:8980

Then run your build as you would normally do.

Developer Information

Third-party Dependencies

Most third-party dependencies (e.g. protobuf, gRPC, ...) are managed automatically via bazel-deps. After changing the dependencies.yaml file, just run this to regenerate the 3rdparty folder:

git clone https://github.com/johnynek/bazel-deps.git ../bazel-deps2
cd ../bazel-deps
bazel build //src/scala/com/github/johnynek/bazel_deps:parseproject_deploy.jar
cd ../bazel-buildfarm
../bazel-deps/gen_maven_deps.sh generate -r `pwd` -s 3rdparty/workspace.bzl -d dependencies.yaml

Things that aren't supported by bazel-deps are being imported as manually managed remote repos via the WORKSPACE file.