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Cog - System Info Viewer App

Cog - System Info Viewer is a simple Chrome App that showcases chrome.system.* APIs. It is available now on the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store.

Getting the code

You can download the whole source code as one archive, or get it from the repository using git:

git clone git://

Running the development version


  • Check Developer Mode in chrome://extensions
  • Click "Load unpacked extension..." in chrome://extensions and select the src folder in the cog-chrome-app repository.
  • Run it.


  • Install the Chrome Apps on mobile requirements.
  • Create your project with cca create cog-mobile-chrome-app --link-to=path/to/cog-chrome-app/src/manifest.json
  • Plug in your Android device.
  • Go to Settings->Developer Options and enable USB debugging.
  • Run it with cca run android