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Apps that ring a bell!

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  1. A Swifty way to take control over the volume buttons on iOS.

    Swift 7 1

  2. BLBubbleFilters gives you bubble filters à la Apple Music.

    Objective-C 6 2

  3. A collection of handy classes, extensions and global functions to handle being in the background using Swift.

    Swift 7 1

  4. Never implement UIKeyboardDidShowNotification ever again. Ever.

    Swift 2

  5. A collection of handy classes and extensions that make it easier to work with RealmSwift in the background.

    Swift 4 1

  6. BLResultsController is not a drop-in replacement for the `NSFetchedResultsController` to be used with Realm. It's better.

    Swift 1 1


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