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Caffeine is a high performance Java 8 based caching library providing a near optimal hit rate.

A Cache is similar to ConcurrentMap, but not quite the same. The most fundamental difference is that a ConcurrentMap persists all elements that are added to it until they are explicitly removed. A Cache on the other hand is generally configured to evict entries automatically, in order to constrain its memory footprint. In some cases a LoadingCache or AsyncLoadingCache can be useful even if it doesn't evict entries, due to its automatic cache loading.

Caffeine provide flexible construction to create a cache with a combination of the following features:

To improve integration, JSR-107 JCache and Guava adapters are provided in extension modules. JSR-107 standardizes a Java 6 based API to minimize vendor specific code at the cost of features and performance. Guava's Cache is the predecessor library and the adapters provide a simple migration strategy.

Contributions are welcome. Please read the design document, developer setup guide, and roadmap.

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