Simple demo on how to convert and run a Keras deep learning model on macOS with CoreML
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Running a Keras machine learning model under macOS with coreML

see blog post


  • Python 2 (unfortunately coremltools only supports Python 2 at the moment)
  • The python environment can be reproduced using the Anaconda/miniconda environment.yml file
  • macOS 10.13 beta and Xcode 9-beta


  • Example images are included in the img folder. Note that these are lower resolution than the original images changes the classification results in some cases.

Model creation

Run to load a pretrained ResNet50 model, run it on example images and save it in the mlmodel format

Swift command line application

  • Add the ResNet50.mlmodel to the xcode library
  • Build the project
  • See example results
  • Find the compiled binary and run on an example image e.g. ./CmdSand /path/to/example.img