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Data and code repository for the Open COVID-19 Data Working Group: a global and multi-organizational initative that aims to enable rapid sharing of trusted and open public health data to advance the response to infectious diseases.


We first want to thank all those individuals and organizations across the world who have been willing and able to report data in as open and timely manner as possible. This work attempts to synthesize information from across a myriad set of data sources. Each entry in our database has an associatd source. A number of individuals have contributed to the specific data added here and their names and details are listed below along with citations.

Please get in touch should you want to contribute line list data, have any questions or just want to say hi: or

We promote open collaboration among researchers and encourage users of these data make best efforts to collaborate with representatives of the groups that generated data and involve them in their analyses where appropriate. Please get in touch should you require more information.

Reconstructed line lists and data descriptor

Daily updates are usually processed by 10pm PT (1am EST, 6am GMT) and can be found the latest data folder.

A full description of the methodology used for this study can be found here: Xu, B., Gutierrez, B., Mekaru, S. et al. Epidemiological data from the COVID-19 outbreak, real-time case information. Sci Data 7, 106 (2020).

And a short summary of the data can be found here: Xu B, Kraemer MUG, Open COVID-19 Data Working Group. Open access epidemiological data from the COVID-19 outbreak. Lancet Infect Dis. 20(5):534 (2020). https://doi:10.1016/S1473-3099(20)30119-5

A dashboard showing the data can be viewed here:

Co-morbidity estimates

Co-morbidity data may facilitate CFR estimation processes

Datasets derived from Global Burden of Disease on prevalence rates of known co-morbidities, including Diabetes mellitus, Cardiovascular Disease, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. For more information on these estimates please see metadata and

alt_text alt_text

Global Demographic information

Global demographics, with age and sex structure are provided. These are mirrors of estimates from the Global Burden of Disease 2017, publically available here - For further information please consult



Current sources used

Specific Contributors

We want to specifically thank the different regional working groups, including the Africa Open COVID-19 Data Working Group ( and LATAM Open COVID-19 Data Working Group.

A list of curators and contributors to the Open COVID-19 Data Working Group is provided below:

Name Twitter Github Email
Abdullahi Kawu abdullahikawu
Albert Doughan adoughan1
Alex Benjamin axmb
Alexander Zabreski
Allyson Pemberton allysonjp715
Alyssa Loskill
Amanuel Getachew amanbk12
Anastasia Lambrou @anasophlambrou
Andrew Auruku aurukua
Anya Nyman anya-nyman
Arianna Maever Amit
Bernardo Gutierrez @B_Gutierrez_G BernardoGG
Bo Xu @BoXu55686629 BoXu123
Carel Nchachi Carel08
Carl Britto
Daniel Omolo Jomo20
Darlan Candido @candido_darlan
David Pigott @davidmpigott
Devon Jarvis JarvisDevon
Diane Igoche deelearn
Dieudonné Niyitanga dniyitanga
Elaine Nsoesie
Enrique Estigarribia
Ernest Offiong ernoff
Flavia Salles
Harvey Davis
Herkulaas Combrink MikeMcMalace
Ian Gregorio-de Souza
Idris Oladele Muniru idrismunir15
Isha Berry @ishaberry2
Ismaël Koné iskode
James Azam jamesmbaazam
Jean Paul Carrera @JeanCarrPaul
Jeanet Morienyane
Jenny MG Shelton
Jessie Wu jessiewu
John Brownstein
Jose Martinez
Juan Pablo Cordova
Julia Morgan
Kamorudeen Amuda akindele2012
Kara Sewalk @kara_sewalk
Karen Santiago @itzelmardesiche
Kate LeGrand klegrand15
Kazeem Hakeem hakymulla
Kelly Moran khmoran
Kernie Obimakinde dakrownie
Kundai Gwatidzo epicpewpew
Lauren Goodwin
Leslie Leland leslieleland
Lin Wang @fdlwang
Liz Hurley
Lizel Greyling lizelgreyling
Lucy Matkin
Mahamat Hamdan axmat
Mahlet Konjit-Solomon
Manoli Heyneke hey-mano
Manu Cornet Imanul
Manuel Muvhango ManuelMuvhango
Marcos Antonio Escurra
Marcos Escurra
Maria Mercedes Cobo @meche_cobo
Marie Orschulik morschulik
Million Abayneh millzon
Modupe Coker moyegunle
Molly Godfrey
Moritz Kraemer @mougk mougk
Moseli Motsoehli
Moses Ronoh moses1065
Mostafa El Habib Daho Mostafa-EHD
Nuno Faria @nmrfaria
Olaniyan Oluwasegun Segun12
Oliver G Pybus @EvolveDotZoo
Omara Patrick
Onesimo Mtintsilana oniemtie
Pablo Reyes
Pamela Andrade
Raul Aveiro @Raulaveiro
Rebecca Cogen
Sabrina Li @sabrinalyli
Sam Ewald sewald01
Sam Scarpino @svscarpino
Sang Woo Park @sang_woo_park parksw3
Sarah Hill @Hill_SarahC
Sheriffo Ceesay sneceesay77
Shingirai Pfumayaramba shingiraip
Shivanand Guness shivam11
Stefanie Watson stefanieaw
Stephen Radcliffe sratcliffe118
Steve Bachmeier stevebachmeier
Sumiko Mekaru @Sumiko_Mekaru
Tahir tahirlanre
Thomas Brewer
Thomas Rawson
Timothé Faudot attwad
Tsige Gebreslasse
Veincent Pepito
Vongani Maluleke Von31
Vukosi Marivate
Willard Zvarevashe wzvarevashe
Yaset Caicedo @yaset_caicedo
Zakia Salod ZakiaSalod
Zamasomi Luvuno
Zoë Willis


In order to cite the current version of the dataset please use the citation below. As the data are updated regularly, please update the retrieval date in the howpublished field.

  author =       {Open COVID-19 Data Working Group},
  title =        {{Detailed Epidemiological Data from the COVID-19 Outbreak}},
  howpublished = {Accessed on yyyy-mm-dd from
  year =         2020


In order to cite the original dataset and methodology of how it was collected please use:

  author = {Xu, Bo and Gutierrez, Bernardo and Mekaru, Sumiko and Sewalk, Kara and Goodwin, Lauren and Loskill, Alyssa and  Cohn, Emily and Hswen, Yulin and Hill, Sarah C. and Cobo, Maria M and Zarebski, Alexander and Li, Sabrina and Wu, Chieh-Hsi   and Hulland, Erin and Morgan, Julia and Wang, Lin and O'Brien, Katelynn and Scarpino, Samuel V. and Brownstein, John S. and Pybus, Oliver G. and Pigott, David M. and Kraemer, Moritz U. G.},
  doi = {},
  journal = {Scientific Data},
  number = {106},
  title = {{Epidemiological data from the COVID-19 outbreak, real-time case information}},
  volume = {7},
  year = {2020}


Location for summaries and analysis of data related to n-CoV 2019, first reported in Wuhan, China







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