Building a better New York City though #SmartGov, #OpenGov, #CivicTech, & #CivicStartups. Member of @codeforamerica's brigade program.

  • WE call on Mayor de Blasio to implement a phased beta of a centralized FOIL site and support Intro 328-2014.

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  • The NYC Boundaries Map – is an open source tool for viewing and querying overlapping administrative boundaries in NYC.

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  • ckan-1

    Forked from ckan/ckan

    CKAN is an open-source DMS (data management system) for powering data hubs and data portals. CKAN makes it easy to publish, share and use data. It powers datahub.io, catalog.data.gov and europeandataportal.eu/data/en/dataset among many other sites.

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  • BetaNYC CKAN theme

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  • An experimental breakfast salon with change-makers and do-ers who are transforming government from the inside out.

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  • BoardTrack is a community board attendance tracking tool and data standard that helps community board staff submit attendance records to the Manhattan Borough President’s community board liaisons. In turn, liaisons can quickly analyze attendance history.

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  • SLA Mapper (SLAM) – is a tool that aggregates data that community boards often have to gather in order to review liquor license applications and sidewalk cafe applications. Displaying this information in a unified view saves community boards considerable time and resources.

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  • At BetaNYC, we have scraped the PDFs listing rent-stabilized units throughout the City put out by the Rent Guidelines Board. We then designed Tenants Map - a map that displays the location of rent-stabilized units throughout Manhattan. The map separately highlights the properties listed in the Rent Guidelines Board dataset and the NYC tax bill d…

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  • This repository contains scripts to scrape AHV permits from BISweb

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  • Workplace to build out BoardStat, an interactive NYC 311 dashboard built with Community Boards for Community Boards.

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  • This is an open repo / task list to manage BetaNYC’s work on the updated People’s Roadmap to a Digital New York City.

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  • Welcome to the 21st century New York, build by the people, for the people. In this citizen created roadmap, we outline how to humanize technology, move beyond transparency for transparency's sake, and ensure we have government technology that works for the people, built with the people.

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  • This repo is to coordinate tools, data, and issues surrounding the scraping of data that relates to NYC's vacant storefronts.

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  • This is a collection of NY Waterways ferry schedule data in GTFS. It was provide to Noel Hidalgo by NY Waterways on request (circa Jan 2014).

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  • a colection of reports that cover NYC's tech and design communities.

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  • We've created a teaching tool that helps individuals learn the City's open data portal and the portal's datasets.

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  • This is an open repo / task list to manage the publication of BetaNYC's newsletter, its other quarterly publications, and its annual report.

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  • Data about Code for America brigades and other civic tech organizations for the CfA API

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  • Landing page for BetaNYC based upon Code for Hampton Roads

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  • The New York City Civic Innovation Fellows program help connect college students with civic tech opportunities and NYC community boards with civic tech resources.

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  • This is BetaNYC. Here, you can comment on who we are.

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  • This is a project by the flatiron school and BetaNYC to document NYC's Open Government history.

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  • A specification of the civic.json metadata standard for civic technology projects

    45 16 Updated Dec 16, 2015
  • BetaNYC is building a "school of data" ecosystem.

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  • An exhaustive reference to problems seen in real-world data along with suggestions on how to resolve them.

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  • Public Slack organizations made easy

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  • Web content transformation proxies for open data API's

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