Building a better New York City though #SmartGov, #OpenGov, #CivicTech, & #CivicStartups. Member of @CodeForAmerica's brigade program.


The New York City Civic Innovation Fellows program help connect college students with civic tech opportunities and NYC community boards with civic tech resources.

Updated Aug 22, 2016


This is BetaNYC. Here, you can comment on who we are.

Updated Aug 15, 2016


Updated Jun 5, 2016

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This is a project by the flatiron school and BetaNYC to document NYC's Open Government history.

Updated May 20, 2016


forked from Code4HR/previous-landing

Landing page for BetaNYC based upon Code for Hampton Roads

Updated Apr 7, 2016


A specification of the civic.json metadata standard for civic technology projects

Updated Dec 16, 2015


BetaNYC is building a "school of data" ecosystem.

Updated Dec 14, 2015


forked from codeforamerica/citygram

Discussions: https://talk.beta.nyc/c/working-groups/citygram Website:

Updated Dec 13, 2015


forked from Quartz/bad-data-guide

An exhaustive reference to problems seen in real-world data along with suggestions on how to resolve them.

Updated Dec 10, 2015

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forked from rauchg/slackin

Public Slack organizations made easy

Updated Nov 17, 2015


a colection of reports that cover NYC's tech and design communities.

Updated Nov 10, 2015


forked from citygram/citygram-services

Web content transformation proxies for open data API's

Updated Nov 4, 2015


forked from datanews/illegal-hotel-inspections

Through a Freedom of Information request, WNYC obtained records from the Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement of 2,684 inspections looking for illegal short-term rental activity in New York City. The inspections occurred from October 2013 through April 2015.

Updated Sep 16, 2015

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WE call on Mayor de Blasio to implement a phased beta of a centralized FOIL site and support Intro 328-2014.

Updated Aug 19, 2015


This is a issue tracking repo for talk.beta.nyc

Updated Jul 20, 2015


These cards are a historical treasure trove. They date from the turn of the century until the 1940s, and often contain floorplans, business uses, tenancy, original unit sizes, and rent rolls.

Updated Apr 27, 2015


Updated Apr 21, 2015

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forked from MTA-Service-Alerts-beta-nyc/service-alerts

We are scraping real time MTA alert data and capturing it in a database to visualize frequency, duration and time of different alert types (sick passenger, rail condition, police activity, etc.) on an interactive map.

Updated Apr 20, 2015


The main information about Hurricane Irene preparedness & possible evacuations can be found in two PDFs: the hurricane brochure (750kb) and the map (1.5mb). There's also a Flash-based viewer of this PDF map.

Updated Mar 26, 2015

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A simple listing tool to keep track of current civic tech projects of the BetaNYC community.

Updated Mar 25, 2015