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Welcome to the Better Angels wiki!

Watch a brief introduction to the concept of Direct Action Software Development

The Better Angels is a loose-knit collective of collaborators spanning numerous issue areas. Although we don’t all share the exact same politics, we’ve come together as one group because we all agree that more has to be done to support communities of people whom the current system fails, regardless of whether that failure is deliberate or not. Code we write is the realization of "software development as direct action", which aims to design and implement free software that has the maximum social impact with the minimum lines of code, as quickly as possible. Learn more about Direct Action Software Development by watching this short video.

Only some of our efforts are software development projects. Here are a few good starting points for folks who want to learn more about us and our work, or who want to collaborate and get in touch with us:

The Basics

Our Projects

See a full list of Better Angels projects.

Contact the Collective

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