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📝 Editor's note: Please keep this list alphabetical for now. We probably need some better way of organizing this, unless this page is to remain a portal page.

  • Buoy - an emergency communication system that does not cooperate with the State.
  • Cyborg clinic - "techno-physical therapy" to more healthily integrate our physical and digital lives
  • Digital fight training - cybersecurity sparring sessions with "life fire" (but simulated) exploits and countermeasures
  • Hogwarts for Hackers and Reporters - technology self-education study groups
  • LEOexit - a campaign to encourage law enforcement and corrections officers to quit their jobs, mostly for ethical reasons
  • Mr. Robot's Netflix 'n' Hack - a tour of real-life hacking tools, techniques, and procedures, guided by the remarkably technically accurate Mr. Robot television show.
  • Practical digital security - computer security training for people who don't want to have to care about computer security
  • Tech open office hours - a free-form technical support and self-directed learning environment to help you get whatever shit you need done done

See also: Project Proposals.

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