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The easiest to use and most flexible NoVR mod for Half-Life: Alyx!

This mod makes the entire game playable, with many VR interactions preserved in some form for a flat screen.


Install the official launcher.

If you use a Steam Deck/Linux, see the FAQ for installation instructions.


Check the ingame options menu or the FAQ for details.

Official Discord Server for Support

Team Members

  • Team and Projects Led by GB_2

  • Project Management, Steam Deck Version and Motion Controls by Spider-Man

  • Development Support by Esdras Tarsis

  • Discord Server Management by ITz TarekInnit and syph0

  • Scripts for Addons by Hypercycle

  • Animation Lead, HUD, Development Support and more by withoutaface

  • Animation and 3D Modelling by Jake, Demonic, Seal, UnearthlyGoose, MTB and LIL PIF

  • Art and Banners by norosetoday and Matteo (previously 50percentJoe)

  • Video Editing by beats343

  • Launcher Animated Backgrounds by Half-Peeps

Special Thanks