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How to use Scalaz
#40 opened Jun 20, 2016 by gwils
Clojure DB interaction and JSON APIs
#39 opened Jun 15, 2016 by peddie
Staged Programming with MetaOCaml
#38 opened Jun 15, 2016 by peddie
F# Programming in JavaScript with Fabel
#36 opened Jun 14, 2016 by jwulf
Logic programming with LogicT
#33 opened Jun 8, 2016 by dalaing
Safer systems programming with ATS
#31 opened Feb 9, 2016 by peddie
Static analysis with Applicative
#28 opened Oct 22, 2015 by peddie
Category Theory Talk Series
#18 opened May 24, 2015 by gwils
GHCJs needs scheduling speaker wanted
#4 opened Mar 29, 2015 by benkolera
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