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Current responsible(s) George Papadakis @ University of Athens --
Docker image(s) big-data-europe/docker-geotriples
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Short description

GeoTriples is a tool that allows for transforming Earth Observation data and geospatial data into RDF graphs, publishing them as Linked Open Geospatial Data. It goes beyond the state of the art by extending the R2RML mapping language to be able to deal with the specificities of geospatial data. It is a semi-automated tool that allows the publication of geospatial information into an RDF graph using the state-of-the-art vocabularies like GeoSPARQL and stSPARQL, but at the same time it is not tightly coupled to a specific vocabulary.

Example usage

Run the docker image as follows:

docker run -it bde2020/geotriples bash

Then, in the command line that appears, you can run GeoTriples with the following command:


Note that GeoTriples offers two functionalities for processing relational databases, shapefiles and XML files:

Automatic generation of R2RML/RML mappings

  • Relational Database
$ geotriples-cmd generate_mapping -b baseURI [-u user] [-p password] [-d driver] [-o mappingFile] [-rml] jdbcURL
  • Shapefile
$ geotriples-cmd generate_mapping -b baseURI [-o mappingFile] [-rml] fileURL
  • XML files (Only RML mappings)
$ geotriples-cmd generate_mapping -b baseURI [-o RMLmappingFile] [-rp rootpath] [-r rootelement] [-onlyns namespace] [-ns namespaces] [-x XSDfile] fileURL

Transformation into RDF

  • Relational Database
$ geotriples-cmd dump_rdf [-rml] [-f format] [-b baseURI] [-o rdfoutfile]  -u user -p password -d driver -j jdbcURL inputmappingfile
  • Shapefile
$ geotriples-cmd dump_rdf [-rml] [-f format] [-b baseURI] [-o rdfoutfile] [-s epsgcode] [-sh fileURL] inputmappingfile
$ geotriples-cmd dump_rdf  -rml [-f format] [-b baseURI] [-o rdfoutfile] [-s epsgcode] inputRMLmappingfile


The functionality of GeoTriples is of linear complexity. Yet, significant disk overhead may arise in large datasets. To tackle it, GeoTriples will be adapted to the MapReduce paradigm in the future.

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