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Supported versions 7.2.0
Current responsible(s) Erika Pauwels @ TenForce --
Docker image(s) tenforce/virtuoso-v7.2.0-latest
More info

Short description

Database management systems for data that is modelled using RDF, backed by an RDBMS. It is available in open-source and commercial editions. The RDF data can be queried using SPARQL. Next to RDF, Virtuoso also provides the functionality of a traditional RDBMS.

Example usage

Instructions to start a Virtuoso Docker container can be found in the README of tenforce/docker-virtuoso. This README also describes how to load and dump data to/from the triple store. The Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint is available at /sparql.


Scaling features are only available in the commercial editions of Virtuoso. The open-source edition doesn't offer this. A user can manually setup scaling by replicating the triple store with shared volumes and putting a load-balancer in front.

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