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Supported versions 2.0
Current responsible(s) George Papadakis @ University of Athens --
Docker image(s) big-data-europe/docker-sextant
More info

Short description

Sextant is a web application for visualizing, exploring and interacting with time-evolving linked geospatial data. Its user-friendly interface allows both domain experts and non-experts to take advantage of semantic web technologies. The core feature of Sextant is the ability to create thematic maps by combining geospatial and temporal information that exists in a number of heterogeneous data sources ranging from standard SPARQL endpoints, to SPARQL endpoints following the standard GeoSPARQL defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), or well-adopted geospatial file formats, like KML, GML and GeoTIFF.

Example usage

Run the docker image as follows:

docker run -p 9999:8080 bde2020/sextant

Then, open your browser to



Not applicable. It runs on the client-side.

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