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Libraries and examples for the BigML API

The following Github repositories contain libraries and examples using BigML's API to create and use datasources, datasets, models, evaluations and predictions programmatically:

We have also open-sourced some general-purpose libraries:

  • Histogram, Java and Clojure libraries to create any-time histograms from streaming data
  • Sampling, a Clojure library for sampling arbitrarily sized sequences
  • Sketchy, Sketching algorithms for Clojure
  • Our closchema fork, to validate JSON documents using JSON schemas


Bindings' developers news

If you want to contribute to the bindings, the bindings' developers guide or API news can help you to be informed about next features to come.

Bug Reporting

If you encounter problems or have suggestions for improving the bindings, please fill a bug report in the issue trackers of the corresponding binding.

Forum and mail contact

For questions and discussion on our bindings, please check our or BigML forum and mailing list or contact us directly at

Live Chatroom

Join us in our Campfire chatroom.

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