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Web-based Laboratory Information Management System

Bump version to 3.0

To allow pypi to host the 3.01 branch as proper eggs, the 3.0 branch
must be finally released.

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Bika Laboratory Information Management System


Bika LIMS 3 requires Plone 4.3.

Long and correct way:

  1. Read
  2. Read
  3. Install Plone and the "bika.lims" package

Quick and dirty way (Linux or MacOSX):

  1. Download the "raw" install script from
  2. Run it (as root, using "sudo") to install in a subdirectory ./bika : "sudo bash ./" -- Optionally give another directory name as command line argument.

If you have questions, please post to one of our mailing lists:

Please log issues, feature requests, or bug reports in the public issue tracker at Github:

Bika Lab Systems

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