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@billziss-gh billziss-gh released this Feb 19, 2019 · 126 commits to master since this release


  • The FUSE layer includes a fix for the ioctl operation. (GitHub PR #214. Thanks @felfert.)


  • FUSE3 API (version 3.2) is now available. The FUSE2 API (version 2.8) also remains supported.
  • New Control file system operation allows sending custom control codes to the file system using the Windows DeviceIoControl API. FUSE ioctl is also supported.
  • New SetDelete file system operation can optionally be used instead of CanDelete. SetDelete or CanDelete are used to handle the file "disposition" flag, which determines if a file is marked for deletion. See the relevant documentation for more details.
  • FlushAndPurgeOnCleanup has now been added to the .NET API. (GitHub PR #176; thanks @FrKaram.)
  • The Launcher now supports running file systems under the user account that started them. Use RunAs="." in the file system registry entry.
  • New sample file system "airfs" contributed by @JohnOberschelp. Airfs is an in-memory file system like Memfs on which it is based on; it has received substantial improvements in how the file name space is maintained and has been modified to use modern C++ techniques by John.
  • New sample file system "passthrough-fuse3" passes all operations to an underlying file system. This file system is built using the FUSE3 API. It builds and runs on both Windows and Cygwin.
  • The FUSE layer now supports multiple file systems within a single process. This is a long standing problem that has been fixed. (GitHub issue #135.)
  • The FSD includes a fix for a Windows problem: that case-sensitive file systems do not work properly when mounted as directories. See FAQ entry 3.
  • The FSD includes a fix for a rare but serious problem. (GitHub issue #177. Thanks @thinkport.)
  • The FSD includes a fix for an incompatibility with DrWeb Antivirus. (GitHub issue #192)
  • The DLL includes a fix for an errorenous STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED on read-only directories. (GitHub issue #190. Thanks @alfaunits.)
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