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Dirac DevTools

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Dirac is a flavored Chrome DevTools with extra tweaks for ClojureScript developers.

DOC : Motivation | Installation | Configuration | Integration | Examples | FAQ

Quick start

  1. install the command-line tool
  2. run dirac and wait for Chrome to launch
  3. in Chrome navigate away from "chrome://welcome" to some normal page, e.g.
  4. in Chrome open DevTools (CTRL+SHIFT+I or CMD+OPT+I on a Mac)
  5. in DevTools switch to Console => Dirac prompt should enter dirac.playground and let you type in cljs code
  6. in Console enter (js/console.log (str "Hello" \space "Dirac!"))


Dirac project maintains a set of patches rolling on top of official Chrome DevTools. That means you don't lose any functionality, you just sprinkle cljs enhancements on top. Additionally we provide a command-line tool which allows you to launch Chrome with Dirac swapped in place of normal DevTools.

  • enables custom formatters by default (for cljs-devtools)
    • custom formatters are displayed inline on Source Panel (during debugging)
  • better display of cljs function names
  • better display of cljs property names:
    • macro-generated names are renamed to friendly names using sub-indexes
    • properties are grouped, most important properties go first
  • REPL integrated into DevTools Console
    • eval cljs code in the context of currently selected stack frame (when paused on a breakpoint)
    • cljs code completion suggestions (like completions in Javascript console)
    • Parinfer goodness
  • initialized blackboxing patterns of cljs core libraries for better stack-trace experience


ClojureScript REPL

general completions namespace completions js completions
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