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The proliferation of Binary Outcast shall commence.

Welcome to BinOC/Code!

Which is the Binary Outcast Github Organization that primarily serves BinOC/Central and BinOC/Labs.


Older repositories can be found @

Code of Conduct

  • Try to be reasonably pleasent and decently nice.
    • False or sickly sweet niceness need not apply.
  • Try not to steal things.
    • This is all open source for a reason. If you didn't create it follow the license or simply ask someone preferably the creator.
    • We are good at branding. If you agree, ask us to think up some for your project or fork rather than approperating ours.
  • Don't start a war.
    • We will decide which battles to fight and which to ignore.


  1. markIII-dev markIII-dev Public

    Mark III eXperimental Platform - Current-day Mozilla tree modified to be more open for multiple applications and non-browser purposes.

  2. retired-xul-platform retired-xul-platform Public

    Lightly modified UXP adapted for Retired BinOC XUL Apps. Now as source-only projects with DIY release builds! If you want that to be a thing.

  3. linux linux Public

    Specifics are boundless generalities are few. BinOC/Linux is Linux from BinOC.. | WARNING: If you are a stickler for Accepted Linux Conventions modern or classic alike, this repo may slightly irrit…

    Roff 1

  4. axion-build axion-build Public

    A pseudo-generic file copier and processor pretending to be a build system.

    Python 1

  5. markIII-example-app markIII-example-app Public

    Example application for the Mark III eXperimental Platform -

    JavaScript 1

  6. metropolis metropolis Public



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