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A Time Series Data Browser


binjr is a time series browser; it renders time series data produced by other applications as dynamically editable representations and provides advanced features to navigate the data smoothly and efficiently (drag & drop, zoom, history, detachable tabs, advanced time-range picker).

It is a standalone client application, that runs independently of the applications that produce the data; there are no server or server-side components dedicated to binjr that need to be installed on the source.

It aims to become the missing link between the collection of disparate tools (text editors, graphing & CLI utilities) traditionally used by developers to analyse forensic data locally and full-blown analytics platforms (e.g. Elastic/Logstash/Kibana stack, Prometheus/Loki, etc...) that centralize logs and telemetry for entire organizations. It provides many of the same powerful visualization, search features and benefit of a unified and synchronized view of all the data, while still remaining a local solution (the data never needs to be pushed to the cloud - or anywhere else for that matter) that requires no organization-wide setup and maintenance.


  1. binjr binjr Public

    A Time Series Data Browser

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  2. binjr-adapter-demo binjr-adapter-demo Public

    A plugin for binjr that provides data sources for demonstration purposes

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    Linux repositories for binjr packages

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