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A plugin for binjr that provides data sources for demonstration purposes
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A plugin for binjr that provides data sources for demonstration purposes.


Trying it out

  1. Make sure binjr is installed on your system (visit to get the latest release) and make a note of the folder it is installed in.
  2. Download the archive from the releases page.
  3. Copy the binjr-adapter-demo-1.x.x.jar file contained in the zip file into the plugins folder of your binjr installation.
  4. Start binjr (or restart it if it was runnning when you copied the plugin) and open the demo.bjr workspace contained in the zip (from the command menu, select Workspaces > Open..., or press Ctrl+O)


  • "I get a Could not find a registered adapter for key eu.binjr.sources.demo.adapters.DemoDataAdapter error message when trying to open the demo.bjr workspace."

    Please ensure that the binjr-adapter-demo-1.x.x.jar file is present in binjr's plugins folder and that is has been properly loaded.

    • From the settings panel, expend the Data Adapter section and check that the "Demo Data Adpater" is listed in the Available Data Adpaters table.
    • Consult the application's logs (located in $TMPDIR/binjr or %TEMP%\binjr, or accessible via the debug console by pressing F12) to see why the plugin failed to load.
  • "When I drop some tree nodes from the demo data source onto a new worksheet, I can see charts being created but all I see are flatlines."

    Please make sure the time interval defined for that new worksheet includes or intersects with a period going from the 3rd of July to the 7th of October 2019, which is the period over which the data for the demo was recorded.
    By default when creating a new worksheet, its default time range is set as the last 24 hours from the current time, i.e. after the collection period.

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