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City Game Studio translations

A repository for City Game Studio's translation efforts. There are only two folders:

  • languages contains a list of files for every supported languages
  • steam-page contains two files for every supported languages, one for the short description, one for the long description

Contributing languages

A language is just a yaml file that maps phrases in English to phrases in another language. Here's a small example:

# Comments start with an octothorpe
# Write whatever notes are necessary in a comment

# Here's a mapping of a hypothetical City Game Studio phrase:

TOOLTIP_RECRUIT: List potential candidates available in town

Mappings will appear as:

IDENTIFIER: [Phrase printed according to language options]

When translating languages type the translated phrase below the English phrase. Here is an example of a hypothetical Spanish translation:

TOOLTIP_RECRUIT: Lista de posibles candidatos disponibles en la ciudad.

Sometime a phrase might contain a parameter. It is always %s.

# First [b]%s[/b] matches the manufacturer of the platform
# Second [b]%s[/b] matches the platform's name
LABEL_PLATFORM_RELEASED_DESCRIPTION: "[b]%s[/b] has released a new platform: '%s'"

To print a single % we need to double it: %%.

    You need some extra money, we can help you. You can refund yourself with a loan of [b]%s$[/b].
    Our interests rates are as low as only [b]%s%%[/b], and you have [b]%s[/b] weeks to repay.
    Its like a whole life for a company like yours. We are your last option, let yourself be tempted.

All languages files should be named [language].yaml.

Tool is a great static website that will help you to translate yaml files.


If you have questions about contributing contact us or send an email to