BioPerl wrappers
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carandraug lib/Bio/Tools/Run/Phylo/ move to the BioPerl distribution.
Moved to the bioperl-live repository because this is a Base class.
This move should have happened as part of 0c35b43.  Means
that new Bio::Tools::Run::Phylo won't be dependent on the whole
Latest commit b8d71de Sep 17, 2018


This is the home for bioperl-run, which contain modules that provides a Perl interface to various bioinformatics applications. This allows various applications to be used with common BioPerl objects.

See the Changes file for more information about what is contained in here.


See the accompanying INSTALL file for details on installing bioperl-run.


Write down any problems or praise and send them to


Bug reports can be made using the GitHub Issues tracker for this distribution.