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Bismuth Foundation

Bismuth Cryptocurrency


  1. Bismuth Bismuth Public

    [Released] Core Node of Bismuth - The first Python blockchain protocol and platform

    Python 38 16

  2. hypernode hypernode Public

    [Released] Official Repository for Bismuth Hypernodes

    Python 15 3

  3. Awesome-Bismuth Awesome-Bismuth Public

    [WIP, ever] A curated list of Bismuth cryptocurrency related content, code, projects

    4 1

  4. Bismuth-FAQ Bismuth-FAQ Public

    [Reference] Official Bismuth Crypto-currency FAQs

    11 9

  5. BismuthPlugins BismuthPlugins Public

    [Reference] Plugin system Documentation and demo plugins for Bismuth Nodes

    Python 4

  6. Roadmap Roadmap Public

    [WIP, ever] Bismuth Dev team roadmap document



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