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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) 2018 The Bitcoin Core developers
# Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
# file COPYING or
"""Verify commits against a trusted keys list."""
import argparse
import hashlib
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import time
GIT = os.getenv('GIT', 'git')
def tree_sha512sum(commit='HEAD'):
"""Calculate the Tree-sha512 for the commit.
This is copied from"""
# request metadata for entire tree, recursively
files = []
blob_by_name = {}
for line in subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'ls-tree', '--full-tree', '-r', commit]).splitlines():
name_sep = line.index(b'\t')
metadata = line[:name_sep].split() # perms, 'blob', blobid
assert metadata[1] == b'blob'
name = line[name_sep + 1:]
blob_by_name[name] = metadata[2]
# open connection to git-cat-file in batch mode to request data for all blobs
# this is much faster than launching it per file
p = subprocess.Popen([GIT, 'cat-file', '--batch'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stdin=subprocess.PIPE)
overall = hashlib.sha512()
for f in files:
blob = blob_by_name[f]
# request blob
p.stdin.write(blob + b'\n')
# read header: blob, "blob", size
reply = p.stdout.readline().split()
assert reply[0] == blob and reply[1] == b'blob'
size = int(reply[2])
# hash the blob data
intern = hashlib.sha512()
ptr = 0
while ptr < size:
bs = min(65536, size - ptr)
piece =
if len(piece) == bs:
raise IOError('Premature EOF reading git cat-file output')
ptr += bs
dig = intern.hexdigest()
assert == b'\n' # ignore LF that follows blob data
# update overall hash with file hash
overall.update(" ".encode("utf-8"))
if p.wait():
raise IOError('Non-zero return value executing git cat-file')
return overall.hexdigest()
def main():
# Parse arguments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(usage='%(prog)s [options] [commit id]')
parser.add_argument('--disable-tree-check', action='store_false', dest='verify_tree', help='disable SHA-512 tree check')
parser.add_argument('--clean-merge', type=float, dest='clean_merge', default=float('inf'), help='Only check clean merge after <NUMBER> days ago (default: %(default)s)', metavar='NUMBER')
parser.add_argument('commit', nargs='?', default='HEAD', help='Check clean merge up to commit <commit>')
args = parser.parse_args()
# get directory of this program and read data files
dirname = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
print("Using verify-commits data from " + dirname)
verified_root = open(dirname + "/trusted-git-root", "r", encoding="utf8").read().splitlines()[0]
verified_sha512_root = open(dirname + "/trusted-sha512-root-commit", "r", encoding="utf8").read().splitlines()[0]
revsig_allowed = open(dirname + "/allow-revsig-commits", "r", encoding="utf-8").read().splitlines()
unclean_merge_allowed = open(dirname + "/allow-unclean-merge-commits", "r", encoding="utf-8").read().splitlines()
incorrect_sha512_allowed = open(dirname + "/allow-incorrect-sha512-commits", "r", encoding="utf-8").read().splitlines()
# Set commit and branch and set variables
current_commit = args.commit
if ' ' in current_commit:
print("Commit must not contain spaces", file=sys.stderr)
verify_tree = args.verify_tree
no_sha1 = True
prev_commit = ""
initial_commit = current_commit
branch = subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'show', '-s', '--format=%H', initial_commit]).decode('utf8').splitlines()[0]
# Iterate through commits
while True:
if current_commit == verified_root:
print('There is a valid path from "{}" to {} where all commits are signed!'.format(initial_commit, verified_root))
if current_commit == verified_sha512_root:
if verify_tree:
print("All Tree-SHA512s matched up to {}".format(verified_sha512_root), file=sys.stderr)
verify_tree = False
no_sha1 = False
os.environ['BITCOIN_VERIFY_COMMITS_ALLOW_SHA1'] = "0" if no_sha1 else "1"
os.environ['BITCOIN_VERIFY_COMMITS_ALLOW_REVSIG'] = "1" if current_commit in revsig_allowed else "0"
# Check that the commit (and parents) was signed with a trusted key
if[GIT, '-c', 'gpg.program={}/'.format(dirname), 'verify-commit', current_commit], stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL):
if prev_commit != "":
print("No parent of {} was signed with a trusted key!".format(prev_commit), file=sys.stderr)
print("Parents are:", file=sys.stderr)
parents = subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'show', '-s', '--format=format:%P', prev_commit]).decode('utf8').splitlines()[0].split(' ')
for parent in parents:[GIT, 'show', '-s', parent], stdout=sys.stderr)
print("{} was not signed with a trusted key!".format(current_commit), file=sys.stderr)
# Check the Tree-SHA512
if (verify_tree or prev_commit == "") and current_commit not in incorrect_sha512_allowed:
tree_hash = tree_sha512sum(current_commit)
if ("Tree-SHA512: {}".format(tree_hash)) not in subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'show', '-s', '--format=format:%B', current_commit]).decode('utf8').splitlines():
print("Tree-SHA512 did not match for commit " + current_commit, file=sys.stderr)
# Merge commits should only have two parents
parents = subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'show', '-s', '--format=format:%P', current_commit]).decode('utf8').splitlines()[0].split(' ')
if len(parents) > 2:
print("Commit {} is an octopus merge".format(current_commit), file=sys.stderr)
# Check that the merge commit is clean
commit_time = int(subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'show', '-s', '--format=format:%ct', current_commit]).decode('utf8').splitlines()[0])
check_merge = commit_time > time.time() - args.clean_merge * 24 * 60 * 60 # Only check commits in clean_merge days
allow_unclean = current_commit in unclean_merge_allowed
if len(parents) == 2 and check_merge and not allow_unclean:
current_tree = subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'show', '--format=%T', current_commit]).decode('utf8').splitlines()[0][GIT, 'checkout', '--force', '--quiet', parents[0]])[GIT, 'merge', '--no-ff', '--quiet', '--no-gpg-sign', parents[1]], stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL)
recreated_tree = subprocess.check_output([GIT, 'show', '--format=format:%T', 'HEAD']).decode('utf8').splitlines()[0]
if current_tree != recreated_tree:
print("Merge commit {} is not clean".format(current_commit), file=sys.stderr)[GIT, 'diff', current_commit])[GIT, 'checkout', '--force', '--quiet', branch])
sys.exit(1)[GIT, 'checkout', '--force', '--quiet', branch])
prev_commit = current_commit
current_commit = parents[0]
if __name__ == '__main__':