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Can do JS, better, faster, easier.
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Edit for punctuation, syntax, readability
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build Ignore system modules in builds (#1684).
component Edit for punctuation, syntax, readability
compute fixes #1891 by making executeAnonFuncs default to true
construct Fixes #1773, throw Error objects rather than strings.
control Improving component, model and route documentation (#249)
event removing all @codestart
guides Merge pull request #1675 from marknadig/patch-3
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map Fix `serializer` typo. Should be `serialize`
model Fix initialization and calling define getters. Removing attributes pl…
observe adds test for and fixes issue with object property computes
route #1837 can-route docs: updated section name with videos to 'Use'
test Correct library mapping for can/util/util
util Update
view Consistent behavior between dev and production
.editorconfig Forced indent size isn't necessary with tab indentation.
.gitattributes Fixed EOL issue
.gitignore Add standalone tests and fix can.view.autorender
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.jshintrc processing jshint modifications to codebase, includes jshint integrat…
.npmignore Update ignore files.
.travis.yml Make sure to use new Travis CI infrastructure
Gruntfile.js Using StealJS 0.7.1
bower.json v2.2.9
builder.json Correct library mapping for can/util/util
can.js Updating configuration and .gitignore and move everything out of src … Various docs fixes & typos. v2.2.9 Adding more videos from the CanJS community hangouts.
documentjs.json adds documentjs so some docs can be written more easily Update
package.json v2.2.9 Add note for NPM package name. Closes #1629


Build Status

WARNING: This npm package is for the CanJS client-side MV* framework. It was formerly the node-can project which has been moved to socketcan. A HUGE thanks to Sebastian Haas for letting us use the can name!

NOTE: The canjs NPM package name is deprecated. Use can instead.

CanJS is a MIT-licensed, client-side, JavaScript framework that makes building rich web applications easy. Use it because it’s:

  • Smaller
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Easier
  • Library-er

Demos and Docs

Go to for docs, downloads, tests, demos, and more.

Support / Contributing

Before you make an issue, please read our Contributing guide.

You can find the core team in #canjs on

Release History

See the Changelog.


MIT License, see License.

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