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Join the chat at A documentation/guide portal for the Live Style Guide feature of DocumentJS

Building and Making Changes

After cloning repo:

> npm install

To work on the site:

> grunt

This will build the site (including static pages), open it up in your browser, and reload the browser when any changes are made.

Grunt Tasks

Work on Site, Force Build and Live Update

This will build the site, start a server, open the page, and watch. "Watch" means it will automatically regenerate (including static files) whenever changes occur. Pages have live-reloading built in.

> grunt

This is an alias for the default task:

> grunt generate:forceBuild

Work on Site, do not force build

Almost the same as previous task, but slightly faster because it does not build static files when changes occur:

> grunt generate

Only build the pages

> grunt build

With force building static pages:

> grunt build:forceBuild

Where Stuff Is

The pages directory contains, which is the landing page.

Live Style Guide resources are being built from node_modules/documentjs. To make changes to those:

> cd MyWorkspace
> git clone
> cd documentjs
> git checkout myBranch
> npm link
> cd ../documentcss
> npm link documentjs

Generated Directories

These shouldn't be changed manually:

  • static
  • demos
  • examples
  • docs


A documentation/guide portal for the Live Style Guide feature of DocumentJS




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