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BitShares Plugins

The bitshares plugins are a collection of tools that brings new functionality without the need of modifications in the consensus and more sensitive areas of the bitshares-core.

The main source of I/O of the bitshares blockchain is the API. Plugins are a more powerful alternative to build more complex developments for when the current API is not enough.

Plugins are optional to run by node operator according to their needs. However, all plugins here will be compiled. There are plans for optional build of plugins at: Issue 533.

The script can be used to create a skeleton of a new plugin quickly from a template.

Available Plugins

Folder Name Description Category Status SpaceID
account_history Account History Save account history data History Stable 4
api_helper_indexes API Helper Indexes Provides some helper indexes used by various API calls Database API Stable
custom_operations Custom Operations Store and retrieve account catalogs of key=>value data using custom operations Additional data Experimental 7
debug_witness Debug Witness Run "what-if" tests Debug Stable
delayed_node Delayed Node Avoid forks by running a several times confirmed and delayed blockchain Business Stable
elasticsearch ElasticSearch Operations Save account history data into elasticsearch database History Experimental 6
es_objects ElasticSearch Objects Save selected objects into elasticsearch database History Experimental
grouped_orders Grouped Orders Expose api to create a grouped order book of bitshares markets Market data Experimental
market_history Market History Save market history data Market data Stable 5
snapshot Snapshot Get a json of all objects in blockchain at a specificed time or block Debug Stable
witness Witness Generate and sign blocks Block producer Stable