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This is the reference wallet of BitShares Blockchain which connects to BitShares Blockchain nodes (bitshares-core).

This reference wallet is a browser based wallet, which means your keys are stored locally in your browser and never leaves it while using the wallet. You should never expose your keys to anyone as transactions are signed locally before transmitting them to a node.

Getting started

Building BitShares-UI browser based reference wallet depends on node version 16 using a non-root user.

On Ubuntu or macOS, the easiest way to install node is to use Node Version Manager.

Install nvm according to your platforms recommendation and set the version

nvm install v16
nvm use v16

Once you have node installed, clone the repository using the following commands:

git clone
cd bitshares-ui

Before launching the UI you will need to install the packages using yarn on a non-root user:

yarn install

Running the dev server

Once all the packages have been installed you can start the development server by running:

yarn start

Once the compilation is done the UI will be available in your browser at: localhost:8080 or Hot Reloading is enabled so the browser will live update as you edit the source files.


By default bitshares-ui connects to the BitShares mainnet, but it's very easy to switch it to the testnet. To do so, open the UI in a browser, go to Settings, then under Nodes, select the Testnet in the dropdown menu. The UI will reload and connect to the testnet.

There is also a ready-made deployment directly connected to testnet including account creation available here.



If you'd like to host your own UI somewhere, you should create a production build and host it using NGINX or Apache. In order to create a prod bundle, simply run the following command:

yarn run build

This will create a bundle in the ./build/dist folder that can be hosted with the web server of your choice.

Installable (local wallet)

We use Electron to provide installable wallets, available for Windows, macOS and Linux Debian platforms such as Ubuntu. There is a GitHub Action available that shows all the steps necessary for this build.

This will compile the UI with some special modifications for use with Electron, generate installable binaries with Electron and copy the result to the root build/binaries folder.


Clone this repository, run docker-compose up and visit localhost:8080

Contributing & Coding style guideline


Code of Conduct

This repository has a Code of Conduct that should be followed by everyone. Please read

Please keep comments constructive and clean


The BitShares UI is integrated with BrowserStack ( to allow manual compatibility testing across devices and browser versions. In the future we will switch to a automated Selenium testing framework. image

Release Branches

There are three branches that forms the current release process.


All PRs should be pushed to the develop branch. New commits are automatically deployed to this branch and published for review.

Available for browsing on

Staging (Current Release Candidate)

At the end of each milestone, develop branch is pushed to staging and forms the Release Candidate. The date of the RC forms the name, ie. 5.0.220214-rc1.

Application breaking issues and bugs should be submitted to the issue tracker and PRs should be pushed to staging.

Available for browsing on

Master (stable)

When all major issues to the current RC are fixed, staging branch is released to the stable master branch.

Available for browsing on which is the official reference wallet for Bitshares.