C++ websocket client/server library
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WebSocket++ (0.7.0)

WebSocket++ is a header only C++ library that implements RFC6455 The WebSocket Protocol. It allows integrating WebSocket client and server functionality into C++ programs. It uses interchangeable network transport modules including one based on raw char buffers, one based on C++ iostreams, and one based on Asio (either via Boost or standalone). End users can write additional transport policies to support other networking or event libraries as needed.

Major Features

  • Full support for RFC6455
  • Partial support for Hixie 76 / Hybi 00, 07-17 draft specs (server only)
  • Message/event based interface
  • Supports secure WebSockets (TLS), IPv6, and explicit proxies.
  • Flexible dependency management (C++11 Standard Library or Boost)
  • Interchangeable network transport modules (raw, iostream, Asio, or custom)
  • Portable/cross platform (Posix/Windows, 32/64bit, Intel/ARM/PPC)
  • Thread-safe

Get Involved

Build Status

Project Website http://www.zaphoyd.com/websocketpp/

User Manual http://www.zaphoyd.com/websocketpp/manual/

GitHub Repository https://github.com/zaphoyd/websocketpp/

GitHub pull requests should be submitted to the develop branch.

Announcements Mailing List http://groups.google.com/group/websocketpp-announcements/

IRC Channel #websocketpp (freenode)

Discussion / Development / Support Mailing List / Forum http://groups.google.com/group/websocketpp/


Peter Thorson - websocketpp@zaphoyd.com