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An illustration showing different people holding laptops or mobile devices. Some are sitting on or around racks of servers that have the BlaBlaCar logo on the side, and some are standing or working on building a giant physical representation of a mobile application.

🚗 About us

BlaBlaCar is the world's leading community-based travel network enabling over 26 million active members per year to share a ride across 21 countries. Our technology fills empty seats on the road, connecting members looking to carpool or to travel by bus, making travel more affordable, sociable, and convenient.

Explore our product page to see how our 250+ engineers develop innovative solutions to the interesting challenges of shared travel.

🚌 Our collective impact

In 2022, our trusted community connected 2 million meeting points worldwide and enabled 90 million human encounters. Carpool drivers saved 450 million euros, and all BlaBlaCar’s mobility services contributed to avoiding 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Discover here how our people-powered, carbon-saving network is revolutionizing the world of travel!

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  1. istio-redirector istio-redirector Public

    The only tool you need to manage your redirections

    JavaScript 41 4

  2. ui-library ui-library Public archive

    BlaBlaCar React Component Library

    39 7

  3. redis-client redis-client Public

    A simple Redis Client

    PHP 7 6

  4. BlablacarRedisBundle BlablacarRedisBundle Public

    A Redis bundle for Symfony2

    PHP 4 3


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