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I am a bot. I will help you migrate your codebase to node v0.8!

Did you know that the "sys" module throws an error if your program tries to require it in node v0.8? To help keep your code running, I automatically replaced var sys = require(\'sys\') with var util = require(\'util\').

If you'd like to know more about these changes in node.js, take a look at https://github.com/joyent/node/commit/1582cf#L1R51 and https://github.com/joyent/node/blob/1582cfebd6719b2d2373547994b3dca5c8c569c0/ChangeLog#L51 .

As for myself, I was written by your friendly neighborhood node ninjas at Nodejitsu, and you can find them at #nodejitsu on irc.freenode.net or with http://webchat.jit.su .



Edit config/config.json, enter in a github username, password, and your redis db info.

node app.js repo https://github.com/blakmatrix/node-migrator-bot

example output


node app.js use

The bot will tell you how to use it.

node app.js file <filename>

The bot will look at the given file and make any changes if necessary.

node app.js repo <folder or link to repo>

The bot will look at the given input and if it is giving a folder location on a local drive it will recursively make any necessary changes.

If given a repository link https://github.com/user/repo it will atempt to fork the repo into its own github account as specified by the username and password settings. After forking it will download the repository, will create a new branch in it, check it out, make its changes. If there are changes, it commits them, then push commits back to github. It will then submit a pull request to the original author of the repository. Then preform local file clean up. On a successful pull request or if its determined there is nothing to commit the repository will be added to the redis database hash as defined in the config.

node app.js user <username>

The bot will look at the given user, and for every repo they own will act as if node app.js repo <repo-link> was called.

node app.js npm

The bot will generate a list of all the packages in npm that have github links, and then for each repository link will act as if node app.js repo <repo-link> was called.

node app.js db

Will list all the items in the redis db added by the bot.


Not in NPM yet...

git clone git@github.com:blakmatrix/node-migrator-bot.git`
cd node-migrator-bot


npm test