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A simple side-scroller game engine with a huge, randomly generated world.

Setting up source code


  • A UNIX shell

    This project uses shell scripts to make work easier. They should work fine on a Mac and in Linux environments. It's still possible to work on this project on a Windows machine, of course, but you need to do some extra manual work.

Getting it up and running

  1. Clone the repository:

    $ git clone
  2. Run the compile script:

    $ cd inf
    $ ./compile

    This will get the latest Closure Library, calculate dependencies and set up the out/ directory. In this directory you will find demo.html and demo.js, a compiled demo project that you can open in your browser.


There is a demo.debug.html file for running the aforementioned demo project in debug mode. This means that it will run the source code uncompiled and with additional debugging messages (printed in the browser console). Running the demo in debug mode will not work until the compile script has been run.

Browser support

This project does not in any way try to be compatible with all browsers out there. It has been written with modern browser technologies in mind, and focus should be put on them, not backwards compatibility.

The browsers/platforms known to work properly are:

  • Firefox 4
  • Google Chrome 8
  • Opera 10.6
  • Android 2.2
  • iOS 3.2

Code style

The code should adhere to guidelines that have been agreed upon by the developer community. This means that the code should validate when run through JSLint, and the Google Closure Compiler should not generate any warnings or errors.

General code style should follow the Google JavaScript Style Guide.

JSLint exceptions

Running JSLint without any additional options will generate errors for the code of this project. The rationale for suppressing those errors will be explained here.

  • Implied globals.

    This code is written to run in a browser, which means it expects some global variables to be available. JSLint option declarations have been added for them. Additionally, the console.log function is expected to exist in code built with inf.DEBUG = true.

  • The body of a for in should be wrapped in an if statement to filter unwanted properties from the prototype.

    This rule should be followed, even if the warning has been disabled. The warning has been disabled so that the if statement can be skipped in certain cases.

    The only current case is when looping through a plain object ({}). The if statement is avoided since this for loop is run very often.

    As the code for this project has not been written with interoperability with other libraries in mind, we can assume that Object.prototype has not been compromised.

MIT license

This project is licensed under an MIT license.

Copyright © 2011 Andreas Blixt