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πŸ›° Satellites - Launch a Marketplace of NFT
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Satellites screenshot

πŸŽ‰ Satellites - Launch a DEX Marketplace of NFT

🌎 The Satellites use the 0x protocol and the Original Extension Contracts.

πŸ“£ The Satellites team uses IssueHunt for a sustainable open-source ecosystem.

Quick start

# install repository
$ git clone

$ cd satellites

$ cd templates

# install dependencies
$ npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
$ npm run dev


  1. Open the plugins/config.ts file and edit the params:

    • networkIdToTokens -- The Ethereum address which be hundled assets of ERC721.(default CryptoKitties) More information of the other assets can be found here.

    • ownerAddress -- The Ethereum address which you receive the fee recipient in orders your relayer.

    • ownerFeeRatio -- The percentage of the fee which you receive.

  2. Open the nuxt.config.tsfile and edit service name etc.

  3. Launch a 0x-launch-kit-backend. If you want to open Market quicly, you can use Satellites relayer.

    • mainnet :
    • rinkeby :

Supporting Satellites

Satellites is an open source project. This is an independent project. When using Satellites, a fee of the marketplace sales (default 1%) will be provided to Satellites development funds.

The money is distributed to contributors and maintainers. More information of the Ecosystem can be found here.

And If you use Satellites please consider becoming a backer:

Let's fund issues in this repository

More Infomation


Apache license 2.0

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