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Blockmason Link SDK for .NET applications.
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Blockmason Link SDK for .NET



To add this library to your app, do one of the following:

Add the following PackageReference to your project file:

<PackageReference Include="Blockmason.Link" Version="1.0.0"/>

Or, if you prefer to use NuGet directly:

nuget install Blockmason.Link -Version 1.0.0


First, your app should import the Blockmason.Link namespace:

using Blockmason.Link;

This namespace provides a Project class, which you can use to initialize your project like this:

Project project = await Project.Create("<your-client-id>", "<your-client-secret>");

Use the Client ID and Client Secret provided by your Link project to fill in the respective values above.

Then, you can use the project object to make requests against your Link project.

For example, assuming your project has a GET /echo endpoint that expects a message input and responds with a message output:

Dictionary<string, string> outputs = await project.Get<Dictionary<string, string>>("/echo", new {
  message = "Hello, world!"

// "Hello, world!"

Another example, assuming your project has a POST /mint endpoint that expects to and amount inputs:

await project.Post<object>("/mint", new {
  amount = 1000,
  to = "0x1111222233334444555566667777888899990000"
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