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easy way to connect users to dapps


  • Minimal Dependencies: All wallet dependencies are included in separate packages, so you only include the ones you want to use in your app.
  • Multiple Wallets and Accounts Connection: Allow your users to connect multiple wallets and multiple accounts within each wallet at the same time to your app.
  • Multiple Chain Support: Allow users to switch between chains/networks with ease.
  • Account Center: A persistent interface to manage wallet connections and networks, with a minimal version for mobile
  • Notify: Real-time transaction notifications for the connected wallet addresses for all transaction states
  • Wallet Provider Standardization: All wallet modules expose a provider that is patched to be compliant with the EIP-1193, EIP-1102, EIP-3085 and EIP-3326 specifications.
  • Dynamic Imports: Supporting multiple wallets in your app requires a lot of dependencies. Onboard dynamically imports a wallet and its dependencies only when the user selects it, so that minimal bandwidth is used.


Install the core Onboard library, the injected wallets module and optionally ethers js to support browser extension and mobile wallets:

NPM npm i @web3-onboard/core @web3-onboard/injected-wallets ethers

Yarn yarn add @web3-onboard/core @web3-onboard/injected-wallets ethers

Then initialize in your app:

import Onboard from '@web3-onboard/core'
import injectedModule from '@web3-onboard/injected-wallets'
import { ethers } from 'ethers'


const injected = injectedModule()

const onboard = Onboard({
  wallets: [injected],
  chains: [
      id: '0x1',
      token: 'ETH',
      label: 'Ethereum Mainnet',
      rpcUrl: MAINNET_RPC_URL
      id: 42161,
      token: 'ARB-ETH',
      label: 'Arbitrum One',
      rpcUrl: ''
      id: '0xa4ba',
      token: 'ARB',
      label: 'Arbitrum Nova',
      rpcUrl: ''
      id: '0x2105',
      token: 'ETH',
      label: 'Base',
      rpcUrl: ''

const wallets = await onboard.connectWallet()


if (wallets[0]) {
  // create an ethers provider with the last connected wallet provider
  const ethersProvider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(

  const signer = ethersProvider.getSigner()

  // send a transaction with the ethers provider
  const txn = await signer.sendTransaction({
    to: '0x',
    value: 100000000000000

  const receipt = await txn.wait()

Onboard v1 migration guide

If you're coming from v1, we've created a migration guide for you.


For full documentation, check out the for each package or the docs page here:

Core Repo

Injected Wallets

SDK Wallets

Hardware Wallets


Test out the demo app

If you would like to test out the current functionality of V2 in a small browser demo, then:

  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • Change in to the onboard directory: cd onboard
  • Checkout the V2 feature branch: git checkout main
  • Install the dependencies: yarn (if running a M1 mac - yarn install-m1-mac)
  • Run all packages in dev mode: yarn dev
  • To view the demo app in the browser after running the above steps navigate to http://localhost:8080